Sunday, August 1, 2010

Win an amazing $10,000 canon 5D MKII camera setup for the launch of camera+ for iphone at wwdc!

Okay so I really want to win this Canon package from tap tap tap, a leading iPhone and iPad app developer and publisher. It says to spread the word, so here it is! I'm spreading it!!!
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Help my friend win $10,000 for her wedding!

If you don't already know Megan Kirkland, well then you should meet her!!  She's super eccentric, hilarious, one of the most creative persons I know, and has a HUGE heart!  Megan and her fiance have signed up for this contest with dexknows Weddings where they could win $10, 000 for their wedding!!  Megan has asked me to be their photographer for their wedding so I would LOVE to shoot a wedding of contest winners!!! Oh, and I would really like my beloved friend to win this for herself :)  All you have to do is go to and vote for them. They are under the names modern (affordable) bohemia, the third couple on the right, and just click on them to vote! I already did!!!

Awe, look at this precious photo of Megan and her fiance I stole off her facebook... 
Vote for them!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cianhua Field Day Fun!

This Saturday we the English teachers at Cianhua Elementary attended what I would consider a field day at our school. We were told to arrive at the school at 7:00 AM. That meant we had to leave our apartments at 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning! I think we were all pretty irritated that we had to wake up that early on the weekend... To be honest, I did NOT want to attend this! I absolutely am not a happy person when I have to wake up that early on the weekend. We also weren't really informed before hand what was going on at this event; all we knew was that we were to play tug-a-war. This didn't really excited me either... as you might notice I wasn't blessed with muscles. 

However, when we got there several students from different schools in the Shih-men district were arriving at our school in their precious uniforms. This instantly got my spirits up since I LOVE the Taiwanese elementary school PE uniforms! To my surprise I loved this field day!! At the beginning of it all several schools and adult clubs performed dance routines for the town mayor. That was the best!!! I had so much fun watching all the dance routines and walking around taking pictures of all the cute kids! I hope you enjoy all the pictures I took from this fun day.  
the crew
Here we are, the Cianhua English teacher crew!  From left to right: Jessica, myself, Eric, Nick, Leah, Tom, and Autumn.

girls in pink shorts
I want a pair of these shorts! These girls were so cute and so sweet. I love the combination of the girl who is wearing her knee-high white socks with her shorts all hiked up. 

This is Johnson! He is one of my little nuggets of joy who goes to school at Cianhua. He looks like a hundred pound baby! I would seriously like to know how he's going to look when he becomes an adult. I hope he looks just the same!!

pretty details
This girl was very shy with me while I was taking pictures of the pretty details of her outfit. Her friends however were not at all shy about pushing her in front of me to take her picture and telling her how to pose. It was quite amusing! 

These women put on very lovely show for us!   

cheer up!
Can you now start to see why I started to love the day?!! This boy was absolutely priceless! He was so photo-ready, not camera shy, and so energetic, he made laugh so much. More of him and others coming soon.... 

the wrist bell dance

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ummm.... RANDOM!

I'd like to call this short little photo blog RANDOM because these photos are nothing but random. Please enjoy.

What makes this so random is that this little lady was found in an Aboriginal tribe's little town down in Kenting area. I don't know what it was for, but as you may be able to see it's right next to a window of some ones apartment. Creepy...

What? It's art.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Along the east coast

During our Chinese New Year break my parents came to visit and take a road trip with Eric and I around Taiwan. We drove down the west side of Taiwan which was basically just highways and freeways, but on our way back we drove up the east coast. The east coast is absolutely beautiful! It's full of windy roads up and down mountains and (which was rough for me since I get car sick semi easily) along  beautiful coastlines of Taiwan. The weather was pretty cloudy and sometimes rainy, but I was still able to get some decent photos of Taiwan's east side.

The Monkey Face Rock! Our first stop was in Kenting. Kenting was recommended by all of our coworkers to stop at and visit so of course we had to! This town is pretty much as south as you can go in Taiwan; home of the most southern tip of Taiwan. The weather was actually quite lovely this day, but the water was way to cold to swim in. I didn't notice it at first, but my dad pointed out to me that this rock is famous for having a monkey's profile on one side and Nixon's profile on the other, which I didn't get to see...

I'm not sure if the person holding the umbrellas is a man or a woman, but she/him/shim looks like someone who has a baby growing inside it's chest! This photo was also taken at a beach in Kenting.

The beaches in Kenting were really pretty. The water was turquise blue and the sand was light tan, but the sand was very rocky! It didn't have giant rugged rocks all over the beach, but more smaller coral like and smooth rocks. The sand was also very course like tiny little pebbles. 

We all graffiti. However, it's much more interesting finding graffiti in another language. I like to imagine that this might say something like Pee-Wee Herman rules on! 

Oh yes, that's right... he's shirtless and oh so confident. oh, and studly.

I heart you too.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Taroko Gorge

This past week Eric, myself, and my parents went on a road trip around Taiwan. One of our stops was at the Taroko Gorge, which was probably the most visually memorable stop. It was a really cloudy and dreary day, but at least it wasn't raining! which a lot of the days in Taiwan at this time of year tend to do. Here's just a few of the photos I took of that day. 

Hey look, it's Eric in a tunnel! He's my #1 model. This by far is my most favorite photo from the day! There was actually a group of girls walking through the end of the tunnel (through that hole), but I decided to yoink them out and make Eric the focus of the photo. 

This place is awesome! Monica and Ryan, if you come here next year I'll take you camping at this beautiful Taiwan destination!!

One of the SEVERAL landscape photos I took at the Taroko Gorge.

This was at the bottom of the Gorge which didn't have much water flowing. However, the dried up river  really made the rocks pop which I really liked. 

The Taroko Gorge is GORGEous! But the photos of it all start to look alike after awhile...